March 19, 2017

By Ruby A. Iadeluca

I came across this article earlier this evening in the December '16 issue of Psychology Today.  Actually, just more of a little blurb, I suppose:

It really fits in to (one of) my current struggle(s):  Finding the time to write.

If you look at my typical week, I'm sure it's just like yours:  Maxed out completely between work and running the kids around and picking them up and laundry and dishes and.....

You get my point.

I've always told myself:  I'll do it tomorrow...

Or that my wants aren't worthy enough to be scheduled between the important things in life.

But I think, all in all, these simple suggestions could be life-changing.  (Maybe?) I might actually get excited about something I've got scheduled, instead of wondering why on earth I made plans.

And I know.  Easier said than done